InTouch eyes joint bid for EPL[Success would further digital TV aspirations ]

2/07/2012 at 01:58 AM by Bangkokpost
 InTouch Plc, formerly known as Shin Corporation, has outlined plans to set up business alliances for joint bidding on English Premier League (EPL) broadcasting rights next month. Clinching EPL rights would be significant for the new digital television broadcasting platform of the country's largest telecom firm. InTouch plans to bid for a licence to provide commercial digital TV service, which is expected to be issued in August 2013. The company needs three licences to provide three commercial TV channels. "Three companies so far have approached us for a possible collaboration to bid for the broadcasting rights to EPL soccer matches from 2013-16 including GMM Grammy Plc and RS Plc," said Somprasong Boonyachai, InTouch's executive chairman. He said his company expects to conclude this month its feasibility study on the bidding. "We can confirm a bid in partnership with one or two firms," said Mr Somprasong. He said InTouch is prepared to spend 1 billion baht to win the EPL broadcasting rights. GMM chairman Paiboon Damrongchaitham recently disclosed that GMM is negotiating with other leading broadcasters for joint bidding on the EPL. The company had earmarked 2-3 billion baht for the bid. It has a separate plan to bid jointly with TrueVisions. As well, Mr Somprasong said InTouch is preparing to ride on the cloud computing boom by offering cloud-based mobile and broadband internet services. The firm plans to spend hundreds of millions of baht to build its own cloud network to support the new business opportunity. Cloud computing is a style of computing where scalable IT-enabled capabilities are delivered as services across the internet to multiple external customers and billed by consumption. There are three basic types of cloud computing _ infrastructure, platform and software as a service. Users can access cloud-based applications through a web browser or mobile app while business software and user data are stored on servers at remote locations. InTouch's Mr Somprasong said the group's mobile flagship Advanced Info Service (AIS) and CS LoxInfo will place priority on cloud offerings this year. "We need to shift into new emerging technologies to capitalise on the growing demand for cloud-based services and expand our business opportunities," he said. "The jump is necessary." CS LoxInfo, the group's internet service provider, will focus on both corporate customers and the retail market, the latter of which is driven by the proliferation of smartphones. AIS will focus on providing cloud-based data storage services for bookstores and music stores. It also plans to introduce free unlimited storage capacity. Mr Somprasong said AIS is ready for the new mobile industry challenge concerning the upcoming third-generation licensing auction on the international 2.1-gigahertz frequency, scheduled for October. Thaicom, the group's satellite arm, is preparing to launch a satellite next year, he said. The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission last week granted a network licence to operate satellite services to Thaicom under a new licensing system. The country's sole satellite service provider was the only company to apply for the type-3 licence to provide service as a provider with its own network. The licence will enable Thaicom to pre-sell transponder bandwidth capacity on the Thaicom 7 satellite. InTouch (INTUCH) shares closed Friday on the Stock Exchange of Thailand at 60.75 baht, up one baht, in heavy trade worth 1.54 billion baht.
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