The teaching about Vesak day

Buddhist Vesak Day, which is circular in Apilakkitkal to another term. Which this year falls on June 4, AD 2555, and for this year. It is a special Apilakkitkal. Century 26 is a full year of enlightenment of the Buddha, or 2600 or 2600 years of the early emergence of Buddhism.

Buddhism is the teachings of the Buddha. In short, it is on. Teach you to know realize the truth of life. Is suffering. The nature of life. And suffering. The goal of life, or desirable. On the broad principle is that students do leave the evil mind of its purity. The practice is said. Teach me to act. Practice in meditation. Practical intelligence. However, it is to the benefit of the nation's ear. Or for the benefit of the whole world.

Therefore, in the 26th century due Apilakkitkal Buddhism. Which are widely commemorated. I would like to invite Buddhists to commemorate the teachings of the Buddha Dhamma. The King, as mentioned above. Led to study. And treated seriously. Ready both recommendations missionaries to the inhabitants the world to ample to even greater to Peace happiness of the mass humanity forever to. It will be called together to celebrate the 26th century, Buddhism truly.

Ask for power, you Phra Sri Triple Gems and Boon charity. With all of you were happy with the glory and happiness Pipat auspicious time to go around.
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