Thai and Buddhism Daily life

In Thai society. Our Thai chefs of this economy. Because everyone enough to eat due to the laborious If not for the diligent. Not interested in the normal path for a girl. Lavish entertaining. Competing for funds. Competitive purchase of rice. Maybe it's the same game. Which one's that I'm in Thailand. The rest of Thailand is not bad. It's not foreign. Compete with each purchase. Oh, it's not outside. I went over there to peep behind it. If you use it abroad. Compete like that. Who can compete with the five precepts. I like that person. I do not care, here are the five precepts.

Now that I have only once not only the money come from? Oh I think you are so good and so if this is not a problem. Anyone will be able to forget it, it will not solve economic problems. This is all brought together to solve economic problems of their respective owners. The family of the owner of here. That they do not like. Do not pay attention to loan him money too. A fish out of water sufficiency in rice in my face to see it. I saw her come in. Who is this from both sides have to be white, green. It's hard to be anything but. It is the only Thai people. Is one of Thailand. Thai people to Thai culture is not as it is here. It is a Thai who is not a slave. Do not be afraid here. So it's ready to eat rice again. He did not do.
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