this is the way how to promote buddhism and develop more increase

A. Bupp deliberate intent to cause it to you. I would like to see it to believe it's a joy to have faith it will actually do something that will provide you with joy.
Two. Major focus was deliberately intended as a present for you or I think you have to actually take the time to do it without hesitation. I understand what they do. With the luminosity.
Three. Apra Pr intent. Intended to occur after the consecration, or to review it. When I think about it. When the mind is full Eaib. I do not think that in you. I was proud of the fact that it is useful to recall at any merit increase at that time.

You should complete the third party on the third day, this meant that the intent is most important. Apra is intended that the United Kingdom. It is the intent and apparent to us as long as possible after the review it. And is intended to occur after you finished it.
Bupp, some well-meaning intentions to give you the Sun Or that you are enthusiastic to Sunday in order to give you enough to close the door, or he did not say it's a good start but I was not present. Bupp is intended to be unstable. Or when his mind begins to think. We're offering a measure of shape or not. The major aim and intention was shaken.
Some people give you Bupp or intent preliminary, but I have faith. The offering is quite impressive, but I give it. The loss to the other. The intent is Apra Pr. The lyrics. I was not happy afterwards! If you do not know. I give it. If so, this Merit or virtue of the present review was not full.
Apra Pr intentionally made after the review it is important to have the problem that if something is stolen or were cheated by not writing, it was not returned. I do not return. Ancient people, he said. I think that to you. This means that the Apra in the United Kingdom to Chennai, after it disappeared. We have no intention Bupp, because we did not intend for him. Major focus was the intent. We do not offer them. The intention was that after the Apra Pr. I think I know. Or at least I see some merit in the final period. (I have read a good review. Does not mean it's gone. To steal home. I borrowed the money to do so too. Whether or not to report it).
He states that when a human being. Bupp deliberately let me in childhood. General aims and intentions were in the middle ages. The intent Apra Kingdom would result in old age. Thus, old age or ages of living. As the body and mind to receive special care. Apra Pr intent is crucial. (The results of this review. I might not be as hot as this. It depends on many factors, but certainly not all the effects).
Let me give you the opportunity you are intending to complete a third time, but to have faith. Well, I'm willing to give it fresh and vibrant, while willing to relinquish. I realized that was given to me as I enjoy every Eaib. I think it has merit increase.
If you do this. It was useful to you. Merit or virtue that is intended to provide a full review ..
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